Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finally back in LA! The last few weeks have really been a blur of activity. Final ski weekend in Mammoth but no complaints - what a great season! Skied 14 days and only had to wear goggles 1 day! The rest of the days were almost perfect bluebird and sunglasses were sufficient. We had a great time in Davis for Picnic Day 2009. Toured the campus (again) but what a difference since our first visit! It may have to do with Hillary - she's really grown and gained so much confidence! Not to mention her successful academic career. Can't believe she'll be a USC Trojan in the fall!

The highlight of the last few weeks has been a trip to Chicago as part of the NN/LM (National Network of the Libraries of Medicine) Emergency Preparedness and Response Hospital Librarians Summit. As a representative of our Pacific Southwest Region, I had the opportunity to meet hospital librarians, NN/LM Network Office staff, NLM staff, and RML (Regional Medical Library) associate directors from around the country as we worked through the progress that has been made on disaster planning.

I have also just found out that I will be an "official blogger" for the MLA Annual Meeting in Hawaii so I'm really excited about that! Lisa and I have been fortunate to win a number of professional development awards for the poster we are presenting so we will be attending lots of sessions, but I hope to be blogging in the sand (or poolside) at least part of the time!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I was introduced to YouTube a year or so ago when a friend sent me a link to a favorite guitarist. I was immediately hooked! I have since utilized this application to preview future speakers for meetings, watch my daughter perform in a college rock band, and see the original Frost/Nixon interviews. I truly enjoy the diversity in YouTube - everything from the quirky to the factual! Another practical tool to add to my arsenal!!!