Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Online Productivity Tools

I spent some time this evening exploring online productivity tool - Zoho which sports some cool applications like wikis, spreadsheets, and word processing, Snipshot - a photo editor, and 30 Calendars. While these all offer a variety of bells and whistles, my question remains this: are these new 2.0 tools reinventing the wheel? I understand their draw - integrating with other web 2.0 tools, but does Snipshot do more than other photo editors? I utilize iGoogle for many of these functions, not to mention Outlook to sync my calendar - how many calendars does one need? Zoho meshes well with Google, and I tried using Google Docs for my blogging.

Again - while I think these tools are very useful, there are SO many to choose from! Instead of getting overwhelmed, I think I will choose a couple of these innovative applications and make them my own by utilizing them with my ongoing skill sets!

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